fredag 18 november 2011

The HomePage for The Black Explosion is up.
It Will take some time till its all finished.
Atleast we got a fresh place for our band and it's not Facebook
or myspace only.
I still working some on the design part..

lördag 12 november 2011

Riff Rebs

A little info and some cool artworks of the great artist Riff Rebs.
I want to honor Riff and also give him some special thanks!
He draw some really nice covers for Dollhouse on this  7" project.

Everything started when our friend Francois ( mailed me a few images by Riff. Francois wrote me that I should get in touch with Riff to see if he could do something for Dollhouse. I got in touch with Riff and he said he would be happy to do something for Dollhouse.
So Riff was ready but he also asked for a story. 

I sent him a little story I wrote a few years back. 
I had this idea about doing a high energy rock n soul
Opera album. You know like The WHO Tommy in that style but heavier and faster. Nothing ever happend with that idea but I still had the story.
So I passed it to Riff and he liked it so thats how it started  
Myrtil Fauvette, by Riff Reb's
Riff Reb's, whose real name is Dominique Duprez, was born in Algeria, but moved to France in his childhood. In 1983, he collaborated on a collective album, 'Neuvième Cauchemar' and in the same year, he started an education in decorative arts. A year later, he founded the Asylum studios, where he was soon joined by fellow artists like ÉdithKisler,CromwellRalph, Gonnort, Joe Ruffner and Karim. Together, these artists worked on 'Les Mondes Engloutis', an animation series, adapted into comic form at the same time for Casterman.
Glam et Comet, by Riff
Along with Cromwell, Édith and Ralph, Riff Reb's created 'Le Bal de la Soeur' in 1985. Later on, he started his first series, 'Myrtil Fauvette', for which he did both artwork and scenarios from 1990 to 2005. In addition, he was present at the publisher Rackham with books like 'Dis Bonjour à la Dame' and 'Le Kid et Bergson'. From 1993 to 1996, he illustrated several small humorous books for Sirene, containing themes like basketball, football, rock music and horses. At Albin Michel, he created the series 'Glam et Comet' with Abuli in 2005. With his dynamic graphics, Riff Reb's has established himself as one of the founding fathers of a new school of comic artists.
Info fr.o.m.



Hi friends
starting to ship out the pre orders this week.
There is still A few special packages left, you can order them through
Soulseller magazine and in the ratboy 69 blog.